Killa Fruits Disposable Vape Pen - 330 Puffs

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Killa Fruits Disposables Vape Pen bring a new convenience to the vaping experience. Each unit comes prefilled and ready  to vape. Simply pop the box open, tear the seal, and start vaping. 

Killa Fruits Disposable Vape Pens Flavors: 

Lush Ice (Watermelon Strawberry On ICE: As you hit the vapor, your body starts to get completely relaxed. The juicy, ripe watermelon flavor mixed with lush strawberry makes your mouth water. Then, the hint of ice only makes it more desirable. A couple of soft throat hits, and the world is yours.

Red Apple Peach: As you hit the vapor, you start feeling the pleasant sensations fulfilling your body, making you forget about all of your anxieties and thoughts. Suddenly, you are experiencing a tasty bliss of juicy red apple and delicious peach. 

Kiwi Strawberry On Ice :After a couple of inhale and exhales, you will slowly feel the positivity taking over your body. The sweetest summer memories will remind you of the most careless days of your life. Each throat hit will be so smooth that you will not get enough of this heaven.

Blueberry ICE: This juice will be the perfect inspiration that will have you reaching for it all day. Get into the groove with Blue Raspberry on ice! You won't regret it.

Cool Mint:  Ice cool mint.

Lychee Berry ICE: the sweet lychee taste is mingled with rich fragrance which lingers in your mouth for full satisfaction.

Mango: Sweet, juicy mangoes fresh from the tropics.

    • Package Included:

    • 1 x Killa Fruits Disposable Pods
    • Capacity: 1.3ml
    • Nic  Strengths: 50mg
    • Battery: 300mah
    • Puff Counts: About 330 Puffs